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Series 1000 Partition Suite

Suited for general office application, Series 1000 is Aluform’s most versatile and aesthetically pleasing suite. To suit 64mm stud with a single layer of 13mm plasterboard either side, this suite is available in 32mm, 25mm and 50mm edge profiles and offers centre, front and double glazing options.

To view the complete range of our aluminium partitioning systems, refer to the “Aluminium Partition Quick Reference Guide” below      Aluform Partition Quick Reference Guide

As part of our ‘Reclaim, Remelt, Reuse Program’, Aluform can provide aluminium sections with up to 100% recycled content for projects which require high green star ratings. All our aluminium extrusions are locally extruded using Australian aluminium billet and in accordance with ISO 9001 certification.

     Aluform Extrusion Recycled Content Certificate